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1565 Spanish patache SAN LUCAS, commanded by Alonso de Arellano, after separating from the other ships in Legazpi's expedition. Jan 17: Entered Chuuk lagoon, anchored off Toloas and traded with natives until driven off by hostile canoes. Jan 19: Visited Pulap for wood and water. Two men were killed in a native ambush. Named the latter "Los Martires" and proceeded on to Philippines. Lengthy account of ship's adventures. [Sharp 1961: 30-6; Real Academia de Historia 1887: III, 11-25]

1793 British ship BRITANNIA of London, Capt William Raven, on voyage from England to Port Jackson. On Dec 28, sighted an island at 5� 14'N, 154'E -probably Satawan. [Murray 1796; Riesenberg 1974: 249-50]

1795 British indiaman YOUNG WILLIAM, Capt James Mortlock, on passage from Port Jackson to China. Nov 27: Sighted some islands in the Mortlocks to which he gave the name "Young William's Group." Nov 29: Sighted a low island west of Chuuk that was most likely Puluwat. [Sharp 1960: 177; Riesenberg 1974: 249, 252; Mortlock 1795]

1799 Spanish frigate from the Philippines, commanded by Lt Juan Ibargoitia, on a voyage west through the Carolines. Sighted three low islands on Aug 16-17 -- "Kata" or Pulusuk, "San Bartolome" or Puluwat, & "Anonima" or Ulul. [Sharp 1960: 183; Duperrey 1827: 70]

Ship RESOURCE of Providence, on a trading voyage to Canton, sighted Puluwat on Oct 21. Carried on friendly trading with natives. [Riesenberg. 1974: 253]

1801 Spanish frigate, under Lt Juan Ibargoitia, returned to Chuuk area on a second voyage. On Apr 7, sighted Pulusuk and Puluwat, and possibly Pulap. [Sharp 1960: 183; Duperrey 1827: 70]

1802 Trading brig ARTHUR of Providence, Capt Scott Jenkes, on passage from Port Jackson to Canton. Aug 18: Sighted islands at 7� 10'N, 151'F '(of Paris) -- perhaps Losap. Canoes came off to ship carrying fruit & coconuts. The natives, "who appeared very suspicious," traded for several hours, but kept their women hidden. Aug 19: Came upon islands at 8� 20'N, 151'E (of Paris) -- perhaps Murilo. Again canoes came out and natives traded, but without boarding ship. Fair description of the islanders' dress and physical appearance. [Milius 1804; Milius 1817: 677-9]

British East India Co patache COROMANDEL Capt A. Sterling, on passage from Sydney to China. Sighted Nama & Losap (Aug 20), and Murilo & Nomwin (Aug 23). [Riesenberg 1974: 254-6; East India Co 1761-1828: Log of Coromandel]

1806 Spanish vessel PALA, Capt Juan Baptista Monteverde, en route from Manila to Peru. Sighted a low island -- 7� 18'N, 151� 33'E -- which he called "San Raffael." This may have been Nama, although some believe it to have been Oroluk. [Duperrey 1827: 64-5; Kramer 1935: 138-9]

1808 British merchantman COMMERCE, Capt E. Luttrell, on voyage to China. Stood off islands at 5� ,45'N, 154� 5'E -- probably Lukunor -- while trading with natives (Nov 10). Brief description. Passed other islands as ship continued to the north, although no further contacts are mentioned. Probably sighted Namoluk, Nama, Losap, Chuuk & Hall Islands. [Sydney Gazette, 11 Feb 1810]

1809 Ship TONQUIN of NY, Capt Edmund Fanning, on a trading & sealing voyage. Apr 30: Sighted a group of islands at 5� 3'N, 152� 25'E --Mortlocks -- which they named "American Group." [Fanning 1838: 131-4]

1814 Spanish brig SAN ANTONIO of Manila, Capt Manuel Dublon, en route to Guam. Reported to have visited Chuuk on Dec 10 and explored the islands of the lagoon, although no first-hand account remains. [Freycinet 1829: II, 88; Kotzebue 1821: 111, 116-7]

1819 French frigate URANIE, under the command of Louis Freycinet, on a scientific expedition. Mar 12: Lay off at Pulusuk. Several canoes came out to ship and the natives requested "loulou" (iron). Some trading aboard ship. Mar 15: Passed Puluwat & Pulap. Natives boarded ship and were given small gifts, but were terrified at sight of cannonballs. The ship then continued north to Guam. [Freycinet 1829: I, 69-73; Bassett 1962: 125]

1824 British vessel LADY BLACKWOOD of Sydney, Capt John Hall, on a passage from Calcutta to Mexico. Apr 2: Sighted the high islands of Chuuk lagoon. Later in the day sighted a cluster of low islands at 8� 45'N, 149� 53'E -- actually Nomwin & Murilo, which later were called the "Hall Is." [Duperrey 1827: 68; Annales maritimes et coloniales, 1827, 402-4]

French corvette COQUILLE, Capt Louis Duperrey, on a scientific expedition to the Pacific. June 23: Sighted a low island that was named D' Urville Is" -- probably Nama. June 24: Sighted the high islands of Chuuk. Several canoes came off and the islanders traded for iron. Two Englishmen were put off at their own request. The ship charted the northern and eastern sides of the reef without entering the lagoon. Sailed westward on June 28. June 30: Sighted Pulap. 30 canoes came out and trading ensued. Ship passed on almost at once. Duperrey mapped Chuuk on this voyage. His are the first good charts of these islands. [Lesson 1839: II, 528-32; Dumont d' Urville 1825: 305-9]

Whaleship RAMBLER of Nantucket, Capt William Worth, sighted Nomwin Is which were named "Worth Is." [Stackpole 1953: 372]

Unnamed ship, commanded by a Capt Bunkey, reportedly sighted Magur in the Namonuitos. Named it "Ramp Is." [Kramer 1935: 198]

1826 British whaling bark LYRA of Sydney, Capt Renneck. Feb 27: Sighted Puluwat which was called "Enderby Is." Natives came out in canoes bringing fish & coconuts. [Damm 1935: 2; Findlay 1870: 761; Bauza 1825: 182]

1827 Ship ECLIPSE reportedly sighted Magur in the Namonuitos on Apr 11. [Kramer 1935: 198]

British whaleship PRUDENT, Capt Callower, visited Murilo and put the seaman William Floyd ashore, perhaps in May or June. [Lutke 1836: II, 290-1]

Whaleship HARVEST of Nantucket, Capt Richard Macy. Sighted a group of islands at 6� N, 153� E to which was given the name "Harvest Is" -Namoluk. Also sighted islands at 9� N, 150� 30'E enclosed by a reef 90 miles in extent-- probably Hall Is. [Reynolds 1836: 218]

1828 Russian sloop SENYAVIN, Capt Fedor Lutke, on a scientific expedition around the world. Feb 1: Came upon Lukunor and entered the lagoon. Several natives came aboard, including three chiefs who provided the Russians with much information on other islands. Lutke spent some time ashore. Islanders "behaved as if they had been on ships before." Feb 10: Coasted Satawan, but no contact with the people of the island. Feb 11: Surveyed Ettal and traded with the natives who came out in canoes. Proceeded to Namoluk where some people came aboard and dined on the ship. Feb 14: Coasted reef of Chuuk. Two canoes came out, but natives were reluctant to board the ship. Feb 16: Reached Namonuito. People came out and demanded knives for their cord & fish. Met a chief who knew some Spanish words. Feb 22: Sighted Pik & Fayu, and sailed north towards Guam. Scattered ethnographic observations of some interest.. [Lutke 1836: II, 39-108; Nozikov 1946: 135-40]

British whaleship PARTRIDGE, Capt Folger, at anchor in Lukunor at the end of Feb. [Lutke 1836: II, 83; Nozikov 1946: 136-9]

Trading ship CLAY of Salem, Capt William R. Driver, on a beche-de-mer voyage. Mar 29: Sighted an island in the Mortlocks that may have been Lukunor. Mar 31: Sighted islands at 7� 40' believed to be Pulap. Natives came out in canoes to trade slings, "bark cloth," and coconuts for trinkets, iron & knives. They also offered beche-de-mer for sale. Brief description of their dress & appearance. [Driver 1829]

French frigate ASTROLABE, under the command of Dumont d' Urville, on his first expedition into the Pacific. Apr 26: Sighted the peaks of Chuuk, but stood off for the evening. On the following day coasted the southern and western sides of the reef, while charting these areas to complete Duperrey's work of four years before. Apr 28: Sighted Pulap but did not put in there. Canoes came off and pursued the ship, their occupants holding aloft model canoes to indicate their wish to trade, but the ship outraced them. [Dumont d' Urville 1833: V, 242-51]

Russian sloop SENYAVIN, Capt Fedor F. Lutke, returned from the Arctic and passed through the northern islands in the area. Dec 8: Sighted Murilo. Canoe brought out the stranded English sailor, William Floyd, who was taken aboard. Dec 9: Sighted Nomwin & Fayu and were met by paddling canoes. Dec 13: Lay off Namonuito for two days., Natives came out to trade and some performed dances on the ship's deck, but they would not bring girls as Lutke requested. On Dec 14 ship headed west for central Carolines. [Lutke 1836: II, 289-98; Nozikov 1946: 156-7]

1830 Trading schooner ANTARCTIC of NY, Capt Benjamin Morrell, on a sealing voyage. Feb 23: Sighted "Royalist Group" or Losap.- Feb 24: Stood off Chuuk which they named "Bergh's Group." Entered the lagoon and were met by a canoe full of natives,, "very stout able men, who have no clothing except a piece of tapa with a hole just enough to get their heads through." Traded for coconuts and left on Feb 25. Feb 27: Sighted Namonuito Atoll which they named "Livingston Is." Steered northwest for Manila. Morrell's own fanciful description of Chuuk must be largely discounted. [Keeler 1831; Morrell 1832: 376-82; Morrell 1833: 41-3]

Schooner ANTARCTIC, Benjamin Morrell, returned to Chuuk area on a passage from Manila to Fiji. May 9: Visited Pulap where several canoes came off to trade. Natives kept repeating "Mareas Captain" and beckoned the crew ashore. May 13: Anchored off Chuuk. Canoes brought coconuts and breadfruit while the crew took on water. May 14: Touched at Namoluk. Sent a boat ashore to search for beche- de-mer, but found none. May 15: Sighted Satawan. Canoes came out to trade. Again found no beche-de-mer. [Keeler 1831; Morrell 1832: 388-91]

HMS SOPHIA, on a cruise through the Pacific, anchored off Puluwat on May 25. 50 large canoes brought out natives to trade aboard ship. Islanders bartered coir rope, fishline, fishhooks and wooden boxes in exchange for iron hoop, glass bottles and beads. After trading was concluded, they performed a dance for the sailors. Detailed description given by George Bennett, the ship's surgeon, of the islanders' physical features, apparel, tools & weapons, and canoes. [Sydney Herald, 28 June 1832; Bennett 1832]

Schooner ANTARCTIC, Benjamin Morrell, on his third visit to the area. Aug 30: Sighted Pulap but did not enter the pass. Aug 31: Made Chuuk and anchored. Took on water and traded with natives for coconuts & breadfruit. Natives brought slings & spears with them. Left Chuuk after two days. Sept 3: Reached Mortlocks, probably Satawan. Natives came off to trade, but carried no weapons. Again, Morrell's own account of his experiences is highly suspect. [Keeler 1831; Morrell 1832: 421-35]

1831 Ship LAYTON of Sydney, Capt Hurst, on a voyage from Sydney to Manila, fell in with Chuuk & Namonuito in Jan. Layton narrowly escaped shipwreck on the reef. [Sydney Herald ,12 Dec 1831]

British whaleship KENT, Capt William Lawton, put in at Chuuk on Dec 24. Natives came out in canoes and traded, expressing great desire for iron hoop. The islanders showed themselves "sudden & quick in quarrel." Short description of native ornaments & features. [Beale 1839: 292-3]

1832 Bark PERU of Salem, Capt John Eagleston, on a voyage for beche-de-mer. Jan 5: Sighted Losap which he called "Royalist Island."Canoes came off to visit the ship. Jan 6: Cruised along Chuuk reef. Natives boarded the ship and traded. They were frightened by the hogs on board ship and were afraid to taste yams. Good description of the appearance of Chuukese who were judged to have had "little or no intercourse with other nations." Jan 7: Sighted Namonuito, but saw no sign of inhabitants. [Eagleston 1833; Ward 1967: II, 496-9]

Ship PLANTER, Capt Frazer, after visiting Pohnpei touched at "Royalist Is" -- probably Losap or Koup -- in late Dec. Natives came out to trade "food which seems to be Guinea corn macerated and a drink made of milky grain fermented," for which they received calico sheet & empty bottles. Short description of native canoes. [Frazer 1834: 74-5]

1833 British whaleship HASHMY of Port ,Jackson, Capt Harwood, visited in Jan an island group at 5� .45'N, 152� 35'E -- probably Namoluk. Found the island thickly inhabited, with plenty of refreshments. The ship's crew received fine treatment there. Returned to Sydney on Feb 5, 1833. [Ward 1967: V, 3-4; Sydney Herald, 11 July 1833]

1838 French corvettes ASTROLABE & ZELEE, under the commanu of Dumont d' Urville, on his second expedition into the Pacific. Dec 21: Sighted Losap where a crowd of people stood on the shore but would not come off the island. Later sighted Nama, or "D' Urville Is." Dec 22: Reached Chuuk and entered the lagoon, anchoring the next day off Siis Is. Trading was conducted on the ship for the next few days while the French explored Fefan and Siis. Chuukese women were kept well out of sight. One day a boat's crew was attacked by Fefan canoes, and in the uneven battle that followed several natives were killed & wounded. Ships left for Guam on Dec 28. Full and interesting account of this visit with many ethnographic observations. [Dumont d' Urville 1841-1846: V, 120-67, 309-28]

1844 British trading brig NAIAD, Capt Andrew Cheyne, put in at Mortlocks on Apr 24. Spent three weeks there collecting beche-de-mer. Named Ettal "Naiads Group" in belief that this was a new discovery. Also visited Puluwat on this voyage. [Cheyne 1852: 129-31]

British trading brig NAIAD, Capt Andrew Cheyne, and the schooner WILL-0'-THE-WISP, on a cruise for beche-de-mer. Oct 16: Entered Chuuk lagoon and anchored off Siis where Cheyne's schooner was attacked by natives and six of his crew killed. After the attack was repulsed, Cheyne set fire to houses and broke up several canoes in retaliation. Oct 25: Visited the Mortlocks where a beche-de-mer curing house was set up. Traded with the islanders, but weather halted the fishing there. Left Mortlocks on Nov 10. [Cheyne 1852: 126-31]

1845 Schooner MARTEROS DE FUNKIN of Manila, Capt Carlos Cuarteron, seems to have visited Chuuk in search of turtle shell & perhaps beche-de-mer. The only record of this voyage is a map of the southern part of Chuuk lagoon inscribed with the date and the name of the ship & its captain. To this is added a remark : "Natives very hostile & turtles plentiful." [Cuarteron 1845]

1846 Whaleship CHANDLER PRICE of NB, Capt John Pease, on passage from Ngatik. Feb 20: Sighted two groups of islands at 8� 25'N, 152� 10'E -probably the Hall Islands. Feb 21: Sighted a long chain of dangerous reefs, shoals & small islands at 9� 11'E latitude -- very likely Namonuito Atoll. [Ward 1967: V, 147-8; Stackpole 1953: 372]

Trading bark ZOTOFF of Salem, Capt Benjamin Wallis, on a beche-de-mer voyage to the Pacific. Feb 27: Anchored off Young Williams Group (Satawan, Lukunor & Ettal). Natives came aboard to trade and showed them where they could obtain beche-de-mer. Mortlockese "exhibited much astonishment at sight of pigs." June 9: Capt Wallis again visited the Mortlocks on a return trip from Manila. The islanders exchanged gifts with Wallis and the crew, some of them sleeping aboard ship. A fair description of the appearance of Mortlockese. [Wallis 1851: 183-5, 195-7]

Schooner STARLING, Capt Andrew Cheyne, visited Mortlocks in July to collect beche-de-mer. [Cheyne 1852: 129-31]

1851 Whaleship PHOENIX of Nantucket, Capt Perry Winslow, put in at Puluwat on Apr 17. [Winslow 1853]

Trading bark ELEANOR of Hobart, Capt Edward Woodin, on a voyage from Hongkong to Hobart. Nov 18: Stood off Nama-Losap for two days. Nov 22: Stood off Puluwat for a day before making for Guam. [Woodin 1852]

Whaleship GEORGE AND MARY of New London, Capt Green, lay off Mortlocks on Dec 22. [Scovel 1852]

Whaleship HARVEST of NB, Capt Almy, visited islands in the Chuuk area. Dec 23: Lay off the Mortlocks for a day. Four canoes came off the island, but the natives had almost nothing to sell. Dec 27: Approached Hall Is. A canoe came alongside, but carried nothing to trade. Ship left the next day. [Almy 1854]

1852 Trading bark ELEANOR of Hobart, Capt Edward Woodin, sighted Satawan, Ta Is, on Sept 24. [Woodin 1853]

1854 Whaleship MARTHA of Fairhaven, Capt Meader, put in at Satawan on Jan 16. Lay off for two days repairing topsail. Three canoes came out and traded with fowl & shells for iron hoop. [Meader 1857]

1856 Whaleship EMILY MORGAN of NB, Capt Joseph B. Chase, put in at Mortlocks, possibly Satawan, on Dec. 11. Natives came off to trade. Ship remained within sight of land for three more days. [Chase 1859]

Whaleship NORMAN of Nantucket, Capt Charles C. Ray, put in at Mortlocks, possibly Satawan, on Dec 11. [Chase 1859]

Whaleship OCEAN ROVER of Nantucket, Capt Charles A. Veeder, put in at Mortlocks, possibly Satawan, on Dec 11. [Chase 1859]

1861 An open boat carrying 22 survivors from the British bark Norna, wrecked at Oroluk, reached Chuuk on Aug 23. After entering the lagoon, they were met by natives in canoes who seized their possessions and took them prisoners to Liman Is. Four months later, four Lascars escaped to Tol Is., another to Nama, and an Englishman to Losap. Another died of ill-treatment on Uman. The castaways were taken off by the HMS Sphinx the following year. [Seymour 1862; Brown 1862b:encl #S, Account of R.N. Tweddle]

1862 British warship HMS SPHINX, Lt Ralph Brown, on a cruise in search of the crew of the bark Norna, wrecked near Oroluk. Feb 25: Anchored at Puluwat and went ashore. The crew shot game there for three days while the officers tried to get information on the castaways from the Norna. Mar 3: Entered Chuuk lagoon and met a boat carrying four of Norna's crew off Tol Is. The other castaways on Uman Is, upon seeing the ship, rushed to board her before she sailed on. British opened fire on Uman, destroying houses and canoes there in payment for the bad treatment received by the Norna's castaways. Gifts were presented to the people of Tol who had sheltered four of the castaways. Left Chuuk on Mar 18. Mar 19: Reached Nama where they took aboard another of the Norna's crew and proceeded on to Losap where they found still another. [Seymour 1862; Brown 1862a & 1862b; Seymour 1911: 106-7]

Whaling bark CICERO of NB, Capt John R. Stivers, passed Namonuito on Mar 8. "Two canoes came off but had nothing but a few fish." [Stivers 1865]

1866 Whaling bark STEPHAN IA of NB, Capt James A. Sinclair, passed Lukunor & other Mortlock Islands on Dec 31. A few natives came off with coconuts. [Sinclair 1868]

1868 German steamship VESTA, owned by Godeffroy Co, Capt Alfred Tetens, on its third trading voyage in the Pacific. Entered Chuuk lagoon where the ship was reportedly attacked by natives. Sometime afterward it touched at Lukunor in search of beche-de-mer. Finally put in at Losap where Tetens was persuaded to assist the Losapese in a battle against Nama. Romanticized description of his activities is found in Teten's journal. [Tetens 1958:90-2, 94-71]

1872 Labor brig CARL of Melbourne, Capt Joseph Armstrong, on a cruise for plantation workers. In Jan put in at Satawan, Ettal, Namoluk, and other islands in the Mortlocks. Carried off 47 natives by smashing the canoes when they came alongside the ship. [ABCFM 1852-1909: V, E.T. Doane, 13 Jan 1872; Wawn 1874]

British man-of-war HMS BLANCHE, Capt Cortland Simpson, on a cruise to investigate charges against blackbirder Carl. June 25: Visited Lukunor. Gives a good description of houses, native dress & canoes. July 1: Entered the Chuuk lagoon and anchored off Siis Is. A shore party found nearby villages entirely deserted, with cooked food left behind. The next day the British met several natives beating a hasty retreat in their canoes. Eventually some Chuukese were persuaded to come aboard and trade. Ship left Chuuk for the east on July 3. [Brazier 1872; Simpson 1873: 195; Fiji Times, 25 Dec 1872]

Brig ISERBROOK, Capt Levisohn, put in at Ta, Satawan Atoll, in June. Landed a trader there for Godeffroy Co. [Wawn 1874: 84]

1873 German brig SUSANNE, Capt John Peters, visited the Mortlocks in Jan. Anchored off Ta, Satawan Atoll, and picked up a white trader. Continued on to Lukunor and Satawan Is to procure 80 laborers for Samoa. [Wawn 1874: 95]

Schooner ISERBROOK, Capt Levisohn, returned to Ta, Satawan, on Feb 16 to put another trader ashore. Returned in July or August with John Kubary aboard from Palau. [Wawn 1874: 95; Paszkowski 1971:48]

1874 Missionary packet MORNING STAR III, Capt William B. Hallett, visited Mortlocks in Jan to put ashore native missionaries from Pohnpei. Touched at Satawan (Jan 5-9) where two Pohnpeian teachers; were landed. Visited Namoluk (Jan 9), Losap (Jan 10), & Lukunor (Jan 12-14) where another Pohnpeian teacher was landed. Returned to Satawan (Jan 14) before making sail for Pohnpei. A description of these islands is to be found in the report of this cruise. [The Friend, XXXI (June 1874), 42-3 & 45]

Missionary packet MORNING STAR III, Capt C.W. Gelett, put in at Satawan on Oct 8 to visit missionaries there. Left Oct 12. [The Friend, XXXII (Mar 1875), 22]

1875 British schooner RUPAK, Capt Benjamin F. Gall, on a trading & fishing voyage. Apr 14: Entered the Chuuk lagoon and anchored off Tol for the next three days. Some islanders came aboard. Remarks on the "rudely made canoes & native adornment." Apr 19: Visited the Mortlocks, possibly Satavvan. Learned of the depredations of labor vessels a few years before. [Robertson 1876: 51-2]

Missionary packet MORNING STAR III, Capt A.D. Colcord, visited the Mortlocks to see the missionaries there. Oct 10: Anchored at Lukunor. A throng of natives welcomed missionaries on shore in two long lines. Description of people's appearance & behavior. Oct 12: Anchored off Ta, Satawan Atoll. Children sang Morning Star Hymn in welcome. Description of burial customs and use of the devil-mask. [Colcord 1875]

1876 German corvette SMS HERTHE, Capt Knorr, surveyed Pulap in Feb. [Annales Hydrographiques, X L (1877 ), 434]

Missionary packet MORNING STAR III, Capt A.D. Colcord, visited Mortlocks in Oct. Visited Lukunor (Oct 10), Satawan (Oct 22) & Ettal (Oct 27). Brought a new teacher from Pohnpei for the latter island. Returned to Satawan (Oct 29) and visited other islands; in the atoll. Report contains a lengthy description of native houses in Mortlocks. "Population of the group is about 3,500 . . . . The people are as yet simple & unsophisticated, and show no repulsive traits." [ABCFM 1852-1909: V, "Report of the 4th Trip of MS to Micronesia, 1876-77"]

c1876 Unnamed vessel, Capt Clark, visited Chuuk and brought a woman from Uman to Palau before continuing on to Hongkong [Kramer 1932: X]

1877 English trading schooner AGNES DONALD, Capt Murray, visited Satawan on Apr 12 and Lukunor a few days later. Brought the white trader, John Westwood, to Lukunor where he remained for almost six years. Kubary was on Satawan at this time. In June the Agnes Donald returned to Lukunor to take off 15,000 Ibs of copra. [Westwood 1905: 88-95]

Missionary packet MORNING STAR III, Capt A.D. Colcord, visited Mortlocks in Dec. Put in at Lukunor (Dec 8), Satawan (Dec 10), & Ettal (Dec 15). Met a Chuukese chief who asked for a native teacher, but the teachers decided to remain in the Mortlocks for another year. Sailed for Pohnpei on Dec 19. [ABCFM 1852-1909: V, "Report of the 5th Trip of MS to Micronesia, 1877-78"]

1878 German schooner TUTUILA of Capelle Co, Capt Fisher, put in at Lukunor about Apr. [Westwood 1905: 113]

Brig VISION of Auckland, Capt G.H. Harris, visited Lukunor in May to announce the closing of Farrell's Trading Co. Sailed on the next day. [Westwood 1905: 104-5]

Missionary packet MORNING STAR, Capt Isaiah Bray, visited Mortlocks in Nov. Touched at Ettal (Nov 4) where natives came aboard to trade, Lukunor (Nov 6) & Satawan (Nov 8-19). Next visited Nama & Losap (Nov 20). A native teacher was left behind on each of these two islands. Visited Namoluk (Nov 25) and returned to Lukunor Nov 28). [ABCFM 1852-1909: IV, "Journal of MS for 1878-79"]

1879 Schooner CORONET of Auckland, Capt Anderson, visited Lukunor in Feb. Remained there for two days. [Westwood 1905: 117]

Schooner BEATRICE, Capt H.T. Williams, visited Mortlocks in February. Dropped off Joseph Kehoe to trade. [ABCFM 1852-1909: Logan, 31 Mar 1803; Capt Williams, 23 Jan 1880]

Trading schooner CAROLINE, Capt Felix Becker, on a trading voyage. Visited Mortlocks on Nov 20-22. Took on eight tons of copra and headed for Chuuk. [Young 1878-1929: Extracts from Journal, 18 Nov 1879]

Missionary packet MORNING STAR III, Capt Isaiah Bray, visited Mortlocks and Chuuk. Nov 18: Anchored off Lukunor. Put Rev Logan & family ashore at Oneap to begin work there. Nov 22. Put in at Satawan. Sent out boat to visit Ettal while at anchor there. Took Joseph Kehoe onboard. Dec 1: Visited Namoluk. Landed native teachers there for the first time. Dec 2: Made Losap. Bought some turtle shell from natives for "fair prices." Dec 4: Anchored off Nama. Met a Chuukese chief who had waited there nine months to request a native teacher for Uman. Dec 6: Entered Chuuk lagoon for the first time. Found natives "more frightened of us than we were of them." Put the native teacher Moses ashore on Uman amid joyful reception of the people. Detailed description of feast and church service held to mark the occasion. Ship left Chuuk for return voyage on Dec 8. [ABCFM 1852-1909: IV, "Report of the 9th Voyage of MS to Micronesia, 1879-80"]

Schooner TONGA TABU, Capt Huffnagel, visited Chuuk. Brought Adolph Capelle to Chuuk along with another trader. [Le Hunte 1883]

Schooner BEATRICE, Capt H.T. Williams, visited Ta in mid-December and found Joseph Kehoe had left island. [ABCFM 1852-1909: Capt. Williams, 23 Jan 1880]

1880 Schooner BEATRICE of Shanghai, chartered by Capelle Co, Capt H.T. Williams, anchored at Satawan in Feb. Left Henry Worth on the island to trade, and carried another trader back to Pohnpei. Returned to Mortlocks in April after Pohnpei. [Young 1881: 6 Apr 1880]

Schooner BELLE BRANDON of Auckland, owned by Henderson & MacFarlane, Capt Harris, on a trading cruise. Touched at Mortlocks in May or June. Visited "Satawan, Namoluk and another island in Mortlocks." [Dana 1935: 100]

Missionary packet MORNING STAR Ill, Capt Isaiah Bray, touched at Oneap in Lukunor Atoll (Dec 28). Took aboard Rev Logan, who was very sick. Visited Satawan (Dec 31), where they met a trader who had been converted. After touching at Losap & Nama (Jan 8), visited Chuuk lagoon (Jan 11-14). Held a mission meeting at Uman and received 24 members into the first church in Chuuk. Surveyed the lagoon before sailing for Pohnpei on Jan 14. [ABCFM 1852-1909: IX, "Report of the 10th Voyage of MS to Micronesia, 1880-81"]

Schooner MATHILDE, Capt Nirsen, touched at Mortlocks on Mar 26, on voyage from Yap to Pohnpei [Young 1881]

1881 Schooner OLESAGA of Jaluit, Capt Schleuter, on a trading voyage. Put in at Losap in the first week of May. [Young 1881]

Trading schooner CAROLINE, Capt Felix Becker, on a trading voyage. Reached Ulul in May, bringing a resident trader to that island. Touched at Chuuk and continued on to the Mortlocks. Took off Henry Worth to carry him back to Pohnpei. Left the Mortlocks on June 28 with a full load of copra. [Young 1881]

Trading schooner BELLE BRANDON, Capt Harris Henderson, of Auckland visited Mortlocks in July. Brought the Logans from Oneap, Satawan, to New Zealand. Left on July 21. [ABCFM 1852-1909: VII, R.W. Logan to Dr. Clark, 10 Oct 1881; Young 1881: 11 June 1881]

Missionary packet MORNING STAR III, Capt Isaiah Bray, put in at Lukunor (Nov 2), Satawan (Nov 4-7), Ettal (Nov 8), Namoluk (Nov 9), Losap (Nov 11), & Nama (Nov 12). Visited Chuuk (Nov 13-17) & anchored off all mission stations. [ABCFM 1852-1909: IX, "Report of the 11th Voyage of MS to Micronesia, 1881-82"]

Schooner CORONET of Auckland, Capt Anderson, returned to Lukunor to pick up copra. [Westwood 1905: 130]

Trading schooner MAZEPPA of Henderson & MacFarlane visited Lukunor, Satawan & Namoluk. The ship carried traders to be dropped off on Satawan & Namoluk. [Westwood 1905: 130-1]

Brigantine SHANGHAI of Shanghai, Capt Williams, on a trading voyage. Visited Lukunor and returned eight native laborers from Samoa. Proceeded on to Puluwat & Ulul to drop off traders on those Islands. [Westwood 1905: 126]

1882 Missionary packet MORNING STAR III, Capt Isaiah Bray, touched at Nama & Losap (Nov 14-15) and Chuuk (Nov 17-22). Landed a new teacher on Fefan after visiting Udot, Uman & Moen. Put in at Namoluk (Nov 24), Lukunor (Nov 25), & Satawan (Nov 28). Ship sailed eastward on Dec 2. [ABCFM 1852-1909: IX, "Report of the 12th Voyage of MS to Micronesia, 1882-83"]

Trading schooner CAROLINE, Capt Becker, at Mortlocks in 1882. [Young 1878-1921]

German bark CASSILDA put in at Chuuk on a trading voyage. [Le Hunte 1883: statement of Charles Ingolls]

1883 Trading schooner MAZEPPA put in at Lukunor in Jan. Took off John Westwood after a six-year stay there. [Westwood 1905: 130-2]

1884 Missionary packet MORNING STAR III, Capt George Garland. Visited the Mortlocks at the end of Jan. On Feb 2, entered Chuuk and visited the five mission stations in the lagoon before departing on Feb 6. [ABCFM 1852-1909: IX, Garland to Prudential Committee, 20 Mar 1884]

Trading schooner SOVEREIGN of Auckland visited Satawan in July for a day or two. [Roberts 1884]

Schooner JENNIE WALKER of Honolulu, Capt Holland, visited the Mortlocks. Put in at Chuuk on Oct 3. Brought Rev & Mrs Logan to begin missionary work there. Left Oct 27. [ABCFM 1852-1909: VII,M. Logan, 24 Nov 1884; Missionary Herald, LXXXI (Mar 1885), 105-8]

Schooner MANGAREVIENNE of SF, put in at Chuuk in Nov. [ABCFM 1852-1909:VII, R.W.Logan, 13 Nov 1884]

Schooner NEPTUNE, Capt Fredrick Narruhn, came to Chuuk from Pohnpei where Narruhn had business. Remained on Chuuk several months trading. [ABCFM 1852-1909: VII, R.W. Logan, 13 Nov 1884]

1885 German trading schooner FRANZISKA of Hernsheim Co came to Chuuk lagoon in Mar. The people of Iras made plans to seize the vessel, but the captain was warned by a mission helper. [ABCFM 1852-1909:VII, M.Logan, 24 Nov 1884]

Trading schooner MANGAREVIENNE of SF, arrived in Chuuk from Pohnpei on July 18. Left off an American trader at the south end of Fefan. [ABCFM 1852-1909:VII, R.W. Logan, 13 Nov 1884, and M. Logan, 24 Nov 1884]

Missionary steam barkentine MORNING STAR IV, Capt Isaiah Bray, put in at Chuuk on Sept 10. Left for Honolulu on Sept 12. [ABCFM 1852-1909: VII, R.W. Logan 13 Nov 1884; ABCFM 1852-1909: IX, "Report of the 1st Voyage of the Missionary Steam Barkentine MS, 1885"]

German warship ALBATROS, Capt Max Pluddemann, came to take possession of Chuuk for Germany on Sept 30. Hoisted the German flag over Fefan and got the signatures of neighboring chiefs to a treaty ceding the islands. Kubary was aboard the ship as interpreter. Left a few days later. [ABCFM 1852-1909:VII, R,W, Logan, 2 Oct 1885]

Unnamed ship bound for Hong Kong put in at Chuuk on Feb 8. [ABCFM 1852-1909: R.W. Logan to Smith, 14 Jan 1885]