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The following videos are productions of the Micronesian Seminar Media Studios and are available for view as streaming video on this website, or by download as a DivX file. Additional information on MicSem, our video program, or online video downloads is available on the MicSem Video Website.

The Way We Were

(MicSem Island Topics #24, 2000)

Two children visit their favorite storyteller, Lima, who tells the children the story of Uab and how the islands of Palau were formed. Through the telling of this story the children become aware of the connections between Uab and their friend Lima. Both are "giants" because of eating too much. The children realize that many Micronesians are "giants" when compared to the body shapes they see of Micronesians in the past. After a trip to the doctor's office, the children learn that overeating can cause diabetes and that diabetes, if it's not taken care of, can lead to death. The connections the children make from what they are learning at school and at the doctor's office, cause them to fear for their friends health. But is their discovery too late to help their friend? The myth of Uab ends with his destruction. How will Lima's story end?

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Living the Sweet Life: Diabetes

(MicSem Island Topics #16, 1998)

Two middle aged men, good friends, learn that they both have diabetes. One postpones indefinitely the diet and exercise that his doctor advises for him, while the other resolves to do something about the disease. This video presents a humorous look at the contrasting responses of the two men. One begins eating local food and jogging. His friend, however, remains as prodigious overeater and as sedentary as ever. As a dramatization of the lifestyle changes that are needed to cope with diabetes, and the difficulties that these changes involve, this video is unsurpassed.

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