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The monthly discussions are short summaries of the two hour meetings which are held at the MicSem offices in Pohnpei. The discussions began in 1991 and have continued intermittently since.

Occasionally during the 1980s, MicSem conducted reflection weekends on different islands. The theme of the discussion was decided by the people who attended, usually between 30 and 80 persons. The summaries for some of these are listed below.

  Monthly Discussions
  The Taste of Pork: Congressional Funds for Development Apr 26, 2000 18KB
  Your New Business Doesn't Have to Fail! Apr 1, 2000 18KB
  Vitamin A Deficiency Apr 21, 1999 10KB
  Education for What? Nov 19, 1998 16KB
  Revenue Sharing Between the States and National Government Mar 19, 1997 12KB
  The YTK Proposal and the Future of Fishing in Pohnpei Feb 13, 1997 16KB
  PUC: Friend or Enemy? Jan 24, 1996 9KB
  Population Policy for FSM Oct 18, 1995 13KB
  Casino Gambling: Should it Be Allowed? Sept 6, 1995 13KB
  Freedom of Information: Who Has a Right to What? May 17, 1995 13KB
  What Can We Do to Improve Our Schools? Mar 29, 1995 15KB
  How Good is Our Health Care in FSM Jan 31, 1995 16KB
  Domestic Violence in Micronesia Nov 30, 1994 13KB
  The FSM Foreign Debt Oct 12, 1994 14KB
  Relations Between Pohnpei State and FSM Sept 22, 1994 14KB
  Where Do Traditional Leaders Fit in Today's Society? May 12, 1994 12KB
  Is There a Place for Foreigners in Micronesia Today? Apr 13, 1994 12KB
  Women's Role in Micronesia: Then and Now Mar 8, 1994 13KB
  Educating for Self-Reliance Jan 26, 1994 16KB
  After The Compact, What Then? Nov 10, 1993 13KB
  Is the Congress of FSM Becoming Too Powerful? Oct 13, 1993 12KB
  What's the Fishing Industry Doing for FSM? Sept 8, 1993 15KB
  Reflection Weekends
  Faith, Culture and Democracy in Truk Apr 30, 1988 16KB
  Economic Development in Yap Oct 6, 1990 11KB
  Population Pressure and The Church's Response Apr 8, 1989 12KB
  Changes in the Palauan Family Jan 1, 1989 11KB
  Changes in the Yapese Family Jan 30, 1988 10KB
  Palauan Custom Nov 22, 1986 16KB