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Articles by Francis X. Hezel, SJ, on a wide variety of social issues and on the history of Micronesia.
  Alcohol and Drugs
  Alcohol and Drug Use in the Republic of the Marshall Islands 1997 231 KB
  Alcohol and Drug Use in the Federated States of Micronesia 1997 308 KB
  Youth Drinking in micronesia 1982 60 KB
  Is That the Best You Can Do? A Tale of Two Micronesian Economies 2006 87 KB
  An Overview of the FSM Economy 2003 102 KB
  Examining the Consequences of the Money Economy in the Pacific 2001 33 KB
  Sustainable Human Development in the Federated States of Micronesia 1997 389 KB
     with Edwin Q.P. Petteys and Deborah L. Chang
  Let's Have the Meal Today Rather Than the Fishing Industry Tomorrow 1987 13 KB
  How Much is Enough? US Aid and Free Association 1985 15 KB
  A Brief Economic History of Micronesia 1984 102 KB
  Yesterday's Myths, Today's Realities 1980 25 KB
  The New Formula for Self-Reliance 1979 15 KB
  Taking the Long View 1977 19 KB
  How to Support Expensive Habits and Still Run the Household 1976 14 KB
  Micronesia: Ten Years After 1974 9 KB
  Reflections on Micronesia's Economy 1973 27 KB
  The Creation of a Colony: The Paradox of Economic Aid to Micronesia 1968 38 KB
  Thoughts on Community Colleges in Micronesia 2003 31 KB
  Statistics on Education in Micronesia 2000 89 KB
  Education for What? 1998 40 KB
  The Price of Education in Micronesia 1989 22 KB
  Schools in Micronesia Prior to American Administration 1985 45 KB
  In the Aftermath of the Education Expolosion 1985 68 KB
  The Education Explosion in Chuuk 1978 63 KB
  Ghosts of the Past...A Vision of the Future 1977 16 KB
  In Search of a Home: Colonial Education in Micronesia 1975 31 KB
  Recent Theories of the Relationship between Education and Development 1974 40 KB
  Who Shall Own the Schools? 1974 19 KB
  The School Industry 1973 12 KB
  A Sad Tale of Long Ago: How Magic Signs were Brought to a Far-off Island 1973 13 KB
  Family Change
  The Cultural Revolution of the 1960s in Micronesia 2008 36 KB
  The Unmaking of the Micronesia Family 1998 35.4 KB
  Changes in the Pohnpeian Family: 1950-1990 1992 45 KB
     with Seberiano Barnabas
  The Changing Family in Chuuk: 1950-1990 1992 28 KB
     with Innocente Oneisom
  Looking Ahead to the End of the Trusteeship, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands 1978 46.3 KB
  Micrinesia's Education for Self-Government: Frolicking in the Backyard? 1975 26 KB
  Disease in Micronesia 2009 210 KB
  The Shifting Burden of Illness 2003 116 KB
  Health in Micronesia Through the Years 2003 27 KB
  WHO Mental Health Research in Micronesia 2002 70 KB
  Schizophrenia and Chronic Mental Illness in Micronesia: An Epidemiological Survey 1992 71 KB
     with Michael Wylie
  In Search of the Social Roots of Mental Pathology in Micronesia 1986 67 KB
  The Man Who Was Reputed to be King: David Dean O'Keefe 2008 103 KB
  Chuuk: Caricature of an Island 2003 45 KB
  Beachcombers, Traders & Castaways 2000 200 KB
  Introduction to Francisco Garcia's Life of Diego Luis San Vitores 1996 36 KB
  The Expensive Taste for Modernity: Caroline and Marshall Islands 1992 51 KB
  Recolonizing Islands and Decolonizing History 1991 25 KB
  New Direction in Pacific History 1988 25 KB
  From Conquest to Colonization: Spain in the Marianas 1690-1740 1988 67 KB
  Journey of Faith: Blessed Diego of the Marianas 1985 25 KB
  From Conversion to Conquest: The Early Spanish Mission in the Marianas 1982 76 KB
  In the Wake of Foam and Blood 1979 56 KB
  The Role of the Beachcombers in the Caroline Islands 1978 38 KB
  Foreign Ships in Micronesia 1978 200 KB
  A Yankee Trader in Yap: Crayton Philo Holcomb 1975 65 KB
  Dumont d'Urville on Truk 1974 53 KB
  The Beginnings of Foreign Contact in Truk 1973 86 KB
  First European Visit to Truk 1973 45 KB
  Early European Contact with the Western Carolines 1972 70 KB
  Westernization of Truk: A Backward Glance 1972 53 KB
  Justice and Human Rights
  Keeping The Information Flow Open: A Key Condition for Good Government in Micronesia 2006 36 KB
  In Search of a Talking Point on Human Rights 1995 13 KB
  The Struggle for Justice...But Uner Whose Terms? 1995 40 KB
  The Cruel Dilemma: Money Economies in the Pacific 1992 24 KB
  New Trends in Micronesian Migration 1996 78 KB
     with Michael Levin
  A Second Look at FSM Migration to Guam 1995 37.2 KB
  The Great Flight Northward: FSM Migration to Guam 1989 53 KB
     with Thomas McGrath
  Micronesian Emigration: The Brain Drain in Palau, Marshalls and the Federated States 1986 109 KB
     with Michael Levin
  A Life at the Edge of the World 2009 118 KB
  Christianity in Micronesia 2008 44 KB
  Integration of Catholicism into Guam and its People 2005 33.4 KB
  Stepping Stones to Somewhere Else 2001 33.2 KB
  German Catholic Missions in Micronesia 2001 37 KB
  Micronesian Seminar: 25 Years 1996 35 KB
  Congeries of Spirits 1995 47 KB
  The Church in Micronesia 1995 45.4 KB
  When the Wind Blows, The Islands will Rock 1994 41 KB
  Serving the Poor in micronesia: One Approach 1987 46 KB
  Historical Sketch of the Caroline-Marshall Mission of the New York Province 1986 42 KB
  Jesuit Martyrs in micronesia 1983 43 KB
  Indigenization as a Missionary Goal in the Caroline-Marshall Islands 1978 56 KB
  Spanish Capuchins in the Carolines 1971 56 KB
  Self-Support by Micronesians of Programs and Institutions of the Catholic Church in Micronesia 1971 40 KB
  Catholic Missions in the Carolines and Marshall Islands 1970 73 KB
  Social Problems
  American Anthropology's Contribution to Social Problems Research in Micronesia 1999 138 KB
  Distribution of Spirit Possession and Trance in Micronesia 1996 117 KB
     with Jay Dobbin
  Possession and Trance in Chuuk 1993 86 KB
     with Jay Dobbin
  Spirit Possession in Chuuk: A Socio-Cultural Interpretation 1992 120 KB
  The Effects of Modernization on Three Areas of Island Life 1987 39 KB
  The Anthropologist and Social Problems in Micronesia 1978 26 KB
  Suicide on Guam: Putting it in Historical Perspective 2001 33 KB
  What Can We Do to Prevent Suicide? 1989 231 KB
  Suicide in the Micronesian Family 1989 83 KB
  Truk Suicide Epidemic and Social Change 1986 59 KB
  Cultural Patterns in Trukese Sucide 1984 53 KB
  Micronesia's Hanging Spree 1976 27 KB