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Diabetes, like heart disease, has become a serious health problem in our day, a doctor explains to his audience in the opening of this video.† The consequences of this can include amputation, loss of sight and a host of other problems.† To control the disease people need to watch their diet and get exercise each day.† Exercise?† Isnít that expecting too much of an overweight middle-aged person?† It might be, the video suggests, if you think of exercise as running laps, competing with teenagers on the basketball or volleyball court, or doing pull ups and sit ups in the weight room.† But there are other options.† One way is to clip on a pedometer and start walking.† As the clicks multiply, you may find that walking 10,000 steps a day isnít as hard as you might think.

Island Topics #56
Running Time 21:30
Production Year 2007
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