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The permanent staff consists of the Director, an Office Manager, a Librarian, an image archivist, and a video producer.  Temporary staff positions are created based on the special projects being undertaken at any given time.

Francis X. Hezel, SJ, has been MicSem's Director since its establishment in 1972.  He has worked in Micronesia since 1963.


Remelisa Austria Taule is office manager and financial officer.


Aletha Chu serves as MicSem's librarian. She handles our growing collection of materials which includes 20,500 titles and some 700 videos.


Carol Varas is MicSem's image and music archivist, managing our growing collection of 58,000 photos and 14,000 musical tracks.


 Eugenia Samuel is MicSem's community liaison person, specializing in the areas of health services and education.


Kevin Cronin produces, directs and edits our video productions.


Sepio Joseph assists in the editing and production of videos, and does updates on the website.


Ramond Soumwei assists in the editing and production of videos